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Move in Cleaning

Move in Cleaning Services in NYC

Whether you are a property manager or moving into a new home, the cleaning experts at Majik Cleaning Services will make everything sparkle when you use their move out, and move-in cleaning services in NYC.

When residents are in a rush to move everything out, they might not always do their best cleaning job. Dirt, dust and residue are left behind. Nobody wants to clean up another person's mess!

Moving into a new home is stressful enough. The process of moving and getting settled take up much of your time. There is little or no time left to clean up after the previous occupants.

You deserve to move into a pristine home without cleaning for hours. Focus on the tasks related to moving while cleaning professionals erase the telltale signs of the previous occupants from your new home.

Let Majik Cleaning Services take care of the cleaning details for you so that you can comfortably settle into a spotless new home.

Majik Cleaning Services provides move-in cleaning services to renters and property managers in Manhattan. Move-out cleaning is also offered in NYC. Moving and ongoing cleaning services are available at the customer’s convenience. Our pristine cleaning services handle situations that not every move in cleaning company can. If you need a hoarding clean up taken care of before you move into your new home that is something we can do for you as well.

Ready to get the new home ready for move-in? Use our move in, and move out cleaning in NYC. Give us a call at 212-545-7830, or fill out our contact form.

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