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Commercial Office Cleaning Services in NYC

As a commercial cleaning company in NYC with nearly 30 years of experience, Majik Cleaning Services provides comprehensive office cleaning services for businesses of all sizes and types that you can rely on.

You can feel confident your facility will be properly maintained. This level of cleanliness reflects the professional image you want to project to your clients and employees at all times. Majik Services offers more than other office cleaning companies and corporate cleaning services.

We specialize in:

Trash removal – get rid of trash that overflows in garbage cans and wastebaskets to reduce unappealing messes and odors at your business facility.

Restroom Cleaning and Sanitizing – offer a clean environment in general work areas, private offices and reception areas to ensure clients and employees feel comfortable using the restroom facilities.

Vacuuming – eliminate the dirt and debris that accumulate on your carpets and floors through vacuuming and extensive carpet cleaning services.

Interior dusting – wipe away the dust and allergens that build up on the surfaces at your business.

Dispense paper products – ensure people have the proper paper products in areas such as restrooms and break areas

Floor Cleaning Services – sweep and mop floors to bring them to a clean shine.

Janitorial Services - stock a wide range of high quality janitorial products you can consistently rely on. No matter what you are looking for, we are sure to have it.

Majik Cleaning Services offers both daily and nightly professional office cleaning services in NYC. Our flexible scheduling options mean customers enjoy the maximum level of cleaning at their convenience.

Looking for business and office cleaning services? Give us a call at 212-545-7830.

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